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Young elephant calves behave much like puppies, even to chasing birds.  The birds, however, suffer rather more from an encounter with an overenthusiastic calf than with, say, a collie.  Note that the seated calf is doing a rather impressive Mickey Mouse impersonation, obviously under the impression that we were casting for Animal Kingdom.
African roads may be slightly less sophisticated than those in Europe or the States, but you can't argue with the well-marked pedestrian zebras.
Here we see a meeting of the local chapter of the Wildebeest's International Liberation Delegation, refusing to migrate any further this year until their demands are met.  In this case, topi arbitration has been called in to avoid a standoff.
Even mature lions occasionally wonder what that tail thing is.
This mongoose ponders the trade-offs in its new abode.  Sure, it's close to the plains and has a great view, but the traffic! 
It is difficult for the vivacious buffalo to contain his enthusiasm.
Steve would have us believe that this flamingo is an afficionado of Bo Derek's early work, but the objective mind will surely find that the absence of cornrowed hair (feathers?) belies this assertion.  One is forced to the alternate theory -- an early obsession with lawn decoration gone horribly wrong.
Giraffe Hide-and-Seek '99:  Honorable mention.
Giraffe Hide-and-Seek '99:  Second Place.
Giraffe Hide-and-Seek '99:  Grand Prize winner! 
A little vulture sing-along:

"One!  Singular sensation, every little bite he takes!"

"One!  Thrilling combination, every swoop that they make!"
The brochures don't mention the constant annoyance of "squeegie elephants".
American fast food has penetrated even deepest, darkest Africa.  Here we see a local youth munching on an imported tire with extremely low nutritional value.
Lions can climb trees, but much like their smaller brethren they often find themselves a bit alarmed by the downward journey.
Fortunately, older siblings were invented to help us face our fears.  First, try a little nip in the rear.
That worked rather too well, and mom would be upset if little brother comes home with a hurt paw.
Just give him a nudge in the right direction for encouragement, and down he goes.
Inspector Stork questions the suspect regarding the recent disappearance of a young wildebeest.
Back at home, the suspect confers with the rest of the gang.  A plan is made.
Absorbed in examining the body, Inspector Stork is unaware of his approaching doom.  He is never seen again.  His partner suspects fowl play. 
When you're in a camera store, preparing for your safari, you may hear that it is simply not possible to buy too strong a lens.  Then again...
"Tag!  You're it!"

(Would you want to play with someone who has claws?)

Oh yeah, well I can open my mouth THIS wide!
21...22...wait a minute, is anyone hiding or are we all seeking?
This one's for Kimmerie:
"It's so stimulating being your hat!"