Journal -- Day 19

January 6th


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It's sad to leave this wonderful country, but it's snowing back home today, which is starting to sound rather good…

Homeward bound we go, then, aboard fabulous Lufthansa, with a few remaining clean clothes and 10 kilos of loot. It's a long westward journey, 24 elapsed hours but only 13 on the clock, but we make it home. Steve is starting to fade slightly, earning him the revised name Shrimpboy. The transit lounge in Franfurt offered him the chance to take a long cool shower and change clothes, which definitely helped with the healing process, as did ice (!!) and salad (!!). It took over a week for the rash to finally fade, including a phase of the worst dry skin peeling you have ever seen, but in the end he was fine and we made the right call both to continue the trip and to end the anti-malarial.

One parting word, courtesy of the Chennai airport: "For any personal inconvenience, please see Airport Manager"

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